CCI Power Supplies, LLC

Industries & Applications Overview

CCI designs and manufactures power supplies to serve a broad range of applications. We are called upon for architectural and entertainment lighting, industrial controls, information technology, and the wider world of high-performance power conversion. Let’s talk about your application.

  • Architectural lighting applications Architectural lighting applications

    Architectural Lighting

    Put your work in the best of light

    Our power supplies have enhanced architectural works ranging from classical retrofits to the towering achievements of leading modern architects.

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  • Entertainment lighting applications Entertainment lighting applications

    Entertainment Lighting

    Innovation and reliability enter the spotlight

    CCI is the trusted name in entertainment power supply design; and now we’ve developed an industry break-through. Introducing: Full-range LED dimming!

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  • Industrial controls Industrial controls

    Industrial Controls

    Proven rugged, reliable, lasting power

    For over 35 years, CCI has engineered reliable power supplies for industrial testing, measurement and control. Count on us for designs that will optimize the performance and cost efficiency of your application.

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  • Information technology applications Information technology applications

    Information Technology

    Improve your power supply connection

    Depend on CCI for high-efficiency, high-density power supply designs that are manufactured to match your performance and life cycle requirements.

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