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Full-range LED dimming

Dimmable LED

Full-range LED dimming is here

Our new DimMaster™ LED dimming technology is revolutionizing the entertainment, stage, studio and architectural lighting industry with full-range LED dimming performance. Now, lighting OEMs and end users can achieve the high performance characteristics of incandescent dimming with LED cost efficiencies.

High performance you can now see

The human eye is especially sensitive to changes in low light levels within the 0% to 20% range. DimMaster™ LED Dimming technology now enables LED lamp and fixture developers to match this high-performance lighting requirement.

  • Full-range LED dimming
  • Smooth LED on/off transition with no flicker
  • Variable color temperature with brightness
  • Matches legacy incandescent profiles
  • PLUS all the cost-savings of high efficiency LED
Convert to LED dimming

Seamlessly convert to lower cost LED

DimMaster™ LED dimming technology enables the owners of incandescent lighting arrays to make the smooth transition to highly cost-efficient LED. LED fixtures powered by DimMaster™ seamlessly match and blend with existing incandescent to provide full-range dimming, without compromise.

Full-range dimmable LED

DImMaster™ technology integration: CCI is helping leading lamp and lighting fixture OEMs bring full-range, high performance LED dimming to the world of entertainment, stage, studio, and architectural lighting applications.

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