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LED ballasts for performance

LED Ballasts

Reliable solutions for the new world of LED

CCI’s LED ballasts are designed, engineered and manufactured by CCI in their entirety for comprehensive quality control and unmatched reliability. Our LED ballasts are dependably keeping the lights on in tens of thousands of LED applications around the world.

Look to CCI for LED ballast solutions that will drive your next-generation LED product ideas. We’re committed to your success, as we together expand the possibilities of LED.

  • Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) dimming
  • AC line dimming
  • RS485 / DMX / RDM communications
  • Constant current
  • Built-in driver
  • Multiple driver channels
LED ballast engineering

Performance and cost optimization: CCI’s engineering teams continue to explore the possibilities of power conversion for LED applications. With our assistance, you can integrate the greater advantages of LED performance and cost optimization.

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