CCI Power Supplies, LLC

Power supply concepting

Conceptual Consulting

Expect more from your power supply resource

Enhance the value and marketability of your end product. As a longtime consultant to leading technology companies, we can help you avoid design back-steps, prolonged development time, and unnecessary manufacturing and assembly costs. We can often integrate important functions into the power conversion solution, rather than have you pay for these same functions bolted on to your product later.

  • Cut costs while improving end product performance
  • Next-generation solutions give you a competitive advantage
  • Early design assistance including what-if concept development
  • Turn-key solutions and ancillary component recommendations
  • Designs for cost-efficient manufacturing, assembly and connection
Product optimization

Mission Critical: Optimized power conversion is integral to your product's success. Early design collaboration improves product functionality and performance, while preventing unnecessary costs for additional components, manufacturing complexity, and product redesign. Properly designed power conversion solutions are never “bolted on” late in the product design process.