CCI Power Supplies, LLC

About us

Worldwide, original equipment manufacturers in a variety of industries rely on CCI Power Supplies to design and manufacture custom solutions to meet their needs. Leading brands trust in our concept through production approach, as well as the proven quality and performance of our power supply solutions.

How we work

We believe in design collaboration

Our best power conversion solutions are developed in concert with your end product design team through highly collaborative, engineer-to-engineer relationships. The continuity and integrity of the design-through-manufacture process is assured as our engineers are full time CCI employees and our products are manufactured by 100% CCI owned and managed manufacturing.

  • Early concept collaboration and design-to-spec
  • Proven customized design and development process
  • Flexible engineering and manufacturing timelines
  • Quality and safety assured power supply solutions
Power conversion focused

What makes us unique

Custom power conversion is our focus

Our dedication to customized power supply design and manufacturing rises from the core values established by CCI’s original founder, the late Charles “Charlie” Montante.

  • We’re invested in a field of study, not a commodity warehouse
  • True power conversion solutions will make a customer a winner
  • We must daily earn our reputation as “the power supply problem solvers”
  • We’re at our best when we don’t give in to good-enough
  • CCI is about relationships, not transactions
Power supplies design partner

CCI Power Supplies manufacturing facility in Zhuhai, China.

A bit of history

We continue to empower market leaders

Since the early 70’s, our mission has been to uplift the success of OEM’s who know the value of better power supply design, coupled with totally in-house, quality-assured manufacturing. Today our focused market sectors include architectural lighting, entertainment lighting, industrial controls, and information technology.

  • Over 190 full-time employees
  • Completely in-house product design through manufacturing
  • Solution provider to leading technology companies
  • Focused on high performance power conversion applications
  • Developers of DimMaster™ LED Dimming Technology
Patented LED dimming technology

CCI’s new DimMaster™ full-range LED dimming technology is widely regarded as a breakthrough for entertainment lighting. CCI has long supported leading technology companies across the full range of power conversion applications, including lighting, industrial control, information technology, and specialty.